Chasing Memories, Calabria – ‘Boundless’

Bircan Tulga Photography 2016  ‘Boundless’ is part of the Chasing Memories series inspired by Calabria.  It has a certain  reassuring warmth of recognition, and takes us to a place that we feel we know, but have not yet consciously visited.

120 x 100cm

oil/mixed media on canvas


Scottish Trees

Scottish TreesScottish Trees  followed a trip to Scotland to visit my fabulous friend from school, whom I hadn’tseen for over twenty years.  Such a special time to be with you and meet your whole family.

The trees are long standing and bring us together after so long.  Felt like I saw you only yesterday!


oil/mixed media on canvas

50.8 x 61 cm


Chasing Memories, Calabria -‘Ocean’

IF0A1824Great memories of the seaside in Falerna.  Mum and I watch the storm across the ocean from our hotel in Gizzeria.

oil/mixed media on canvas

61 x 50.8 cm


Wizard’s Green

Wizard's GreenWizard’s Green is magical, fun and full of delight.

40 x 90cm


Peaceful Tide II

Peaceful Tide IIPeaceful Tide II is the steady breath of existence.

76 x 102cm


Purple Mystery

148Purple Mystery is pensive and calming.  It is a safe place to ponder, bringing yourself back to the present.

50 x 20cm


Moving Depths

Moving DepthsMoving Depths floats in the depths of mystery and emerges from an inner stillness.

30 x 30cm


Be Still

Be StillBe Still is a place where confusion and muddled thoughts can exist.


51 x 51cm



In Spirit

In SpiritIn Spirit is a soft mixture of clouds as they float and melt into one another.  Their presence is steady though ever changing, representing the impermanence of all conditioned objects and all living beings.  However, there is an everlasting quality which symbolises our spirit after it has experienced human occupancy,  and makes it’s inbound journey back home to the universe.

oil/mixed media on canvas.

92 x 93cm     Available


Rimini Heat

Rimini HeatRimini Heat holds the breath-taking landscape of the Italian countryside and is the fourth painting in the Rimini Series.  A very happy space to be in physically and mentally.  This months journey around Italy was a contemplative spiritual convalescence.

oil/mixed media on canvas

120 x 60cm      Sold