Magic Land


The moments you will always remember.

33 x 43 x 3 cm (framed)

shown here unframed (A4)




Surf  Surf brings the enigma of the waves, emerging from the space of no-mind.

114  x 48 cm

oil/mixed media on canvas



Wizard’s Green

Wizard's GreenWizard’s Green is magical, fun and full of delight.

40 x 90cm


Peaceful Tide II

Peaceful Tide IIPeaceful Tide II is the steady breath of existence.

76 x 102cm


Purple Mystery

148Purple Mystery is pensive and calming.  It is a safe place to ponder, bringing yourself back to the present.

50 x 20cm


Moving Depths

Moving DepthsMoving Depths floats in the depths of mystery and emerges from an inner stillness.

30 x 30cm


Be Still

Be StillBe Still is a place where confusion and muddled thoughts can exist.


51 x 51cm




RaptureRapture led me out of the often occurring frustrations which happen when a painting comes to a seemingly dead end.  No amount of pondering will take you to the next stage – you either ‘step away’ from the painting or persevere – usually both, in that order!  The painting then calls you back when it is ready, and literally shows you which brushstroke goes where.

oil/mixed media on canvas

100 x 100cm


Night Sea

Night SeaNight Sea was conceived on Bournemouth beach at around midnight in 1999, and posed as one of the pieces in my degree show.  A preliminary canvas was subject to the magical atmosphere that only the ocean at night can provide.  This final piece was created once back in the studio at university.

275 x 183cm