Chasing Memories, Calabria – ‘Boundless’

Bircan Tulga Photography 2016  ‘Boundless’ is part of the Chasing Memories series inspired by Calabria.  It has a certain  reassuring warmth of recognition, and takes us to a place that we feel we know, but have not yet consciously visited.

120 x 100cm

oil/mixed media on canvas


Fresh Autumn

IF0A1815-3  Fresh Autumn – colours the mind and brings new adventures.  Reassuring us of change and promising to never repeat a day.

43 x 33 cm

oil/mixed media on canvas


Autumn Rustle

Autumn Sunset Autumn Rustle is the flying freedom of leaves.

46 x 30 x 5.7 cm

oil/mixed media on canvas



Crazy Bubbles

Crazy BubblesCrazy Bubbles is a profound mix of rain sunshine and puddles of emotions.  A colourful array of sounds sights and feeling.

oil on canvas

102 x 76cm



Easy Duo

Easy DuoEasy Duo is fruitful and fun.  This technique allows the colours to explore each other, pushing and blending into one another and finding a position to settle.

40 x 20cm


Rimini Heat

Rimini HeatRimini Heat holds the breath-taking landscape of the Italian countryside and is the fourth painting in the Rimini Series.  A very happy space to be in physically and mentally.  This months journey around Italy was a contemplative spiritual convalescence.

oil/mixed media on canvas

120 x 60cm      Sold