Rimini Heat

Rimini HeatRimini Heat holds the breath-taking landscape of the Italian countryside and is the fourth painting in the Rimini Series.  A very happy space to be in physically and mentally.  This months journey around Italy was a contemplative spiritual convalescence.

oil/mixed media on canvas

120 x 60cm      Sold

Fantasy Land

Sunny MomentsFantasy Land is the third painting of the Rimini Series and was conceived while travelling on the train from Milano to Rimini.  The heat was easy to absorb as this part of Italy was having an unusually extra hot summer that year, as temperatures soared into the forties (just the way I like it!).

Modelling paste and glass beads are the texture which gives this painting a tactile finish.

61 x 61cm


Brighter Days

BrokenBrighter Days is the first painting of the Rimini Series.  After a month spent in Italy visiting family, it almost painted itself when I returned to the studio!  It was BURSTING with energy and almost on fire as it heated up the canvas and gave birth to the ‘Rimini Series‘.

It is full of the sights, smells, sounds and romance of the experience.

100 x 100cm


Sunny Moments

PetalsSunny Moments is the second creation of the Rimini SeriesIt’s textured surface adds another dimension to the painting producing a tangible understanding of the layers that contribute to this piece of artwork.  The bold colours confirm the heat along the inner and outer journey, and the texture symbolises increasing strength.

91 x 91cm