Holiday Dreams

Holiday Dreams Holiday Dreams is part of the Swedish Series 2012.  A blossoming romance led me to Sweden where a beautiful home existed on a magical land by a lake.

This house was surrounded by trees of a vast forest where all types of mushroom and berries grew.


My World

My worldMy World is also part of the Swedish Series 2012I was smitten with the character of this special place in Upsala, that it inspired a vision of how my own world would be.


Tree Time

Tree TimeTree Time shows a walk through the woods in  Upsala, Sweden.  Trees, mushrooms, wildlife and freedom.



Shown unframed here.




FriskyFrisky also belongs to the Swedish Series and relates to the new human connection in a country I had never visited before.  It is a refreshing wave of newness……………and mischievous in parts!